If you are building a new house or remodeling, you can install Novabrik yourself or use a professional installer. 


You can attend our Certified Installation Training seminars, receive the installation guide and installation CD, and install Novabrik on your house or building project.


Novabrik will add beauty, quality, and value to your home.


Novabrik is maintenance free and, unlike many other siding products, it resists mold formation because there is air flow behind the bricks.


Novabrik comes with a 50 Year Limited Warranty.


Novabrik is available in 12 standard colors and two or more brick colors may be used to make eloquent color blends.


If you need to replace old wood or vinyl siding, Novabrik is a great choice.  Unlike conventional brick, you don’t have to have a brick ledge to install Novabrik.  Also, Novabrik can be

used in conjunction with other siding materials as a wainscot,  or as an accent around the front door, garage, or windows.


You can see a Novabrik display and purchase Novabrik in many of your local Lumberyards and Home Improvement Stores.  (Click Here) to locate a store near you.


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