Novabrik is used for new construction or remodel on homes and commercial buildings including apartment buildings, office buildings, strip malls, grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, convenience stores, condominiums, churches, fast food restaurants, etc.  Visit our Picture Gallery for examples.


If you are interested in becoming a Novabrik installer, you and your crew should attend a Certified Installation Training seminar and become Certified Installers.  Not only will you learn how to install Novabrik and what tools you will need, you will receive information on bidding and take-offs.  Also, for a nominal annual fee, you will be listed on our website for referrals.


You will find Novabrik easy to install, it will save your customer about 30% compared to conventional brick and cultured stone, it is installed using carpenter skills so no mason or brick ledge is required, and you will not experience the normal masonry delays and mess.


Novabrik can be installed in freezing temperatures.


You can order our installation CD and/or schedule your crew for a Certified Training Seminar.   


We work with architects and answer specification, application, and engineering questions.  Engineering consultation is available. 


We have sales brochures, color samples, installation guides and installation CD’s available to order.  Click on the Catalog page to view the materials and order.


Click on the Certified Installation Training page for a description of the Certified Installation Training seminar and information on schedules.  For large groups, we will arrange your private training seminar.


     View the Advantages of Novabrik. 

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